How CryptX Wallet Saves on Transaction Fees

CryptX Wallet has several features that make it even easier and more efficient to conduct business with crypto payments. These features are particularly useful for customers who run ATM networks and need to be able to process multiple transactions quickly to maintain liquidity.

Transaction Batching allows multiple transactions to be sent with one transaction fee. This feature is available to our General Bytes and Genesis Coin operators, and will be rolled out to other ATMs soon. You can easily group your transactions under one ID, saving space on the blockchain and lowering the cost.

Next, you can take advantage of Custom Transaction Fees. This capability lets you set the satoshi per byte cost, adjusting the speed of the transaction accordingly.

By tracking incomplete Transaction Attempts, you have the ability to edit, cancel, and retry pending transactions, keeping you in control of your crypto movements. You can also track issues with recurring and automated transactions to resolve them quickly.

Lastly, use the Manage Unspents section to consolidate, sweep, and fan out your unspent transaction outputs. UTXO management is an important aspect of conducting business efficiently in cryptos.

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