CryptX Wallet Is Now Available on Genesis Coin Crypto ATMs

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I am delighted to announce that CryptX Wallet is fully integrated into Genesis Coin Crypto ATMs and is now one of the standard choices for its operators.

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Simply select CryptX as your liquidity provider and enter your API token & wallet ID

CryptX Wallet offers ease of use, coupled with institutional grade security. Additionally, the CryptX “Swap” & “Auto Swap” features will help you manage risks related to Crypto volatility in the simplest way possible.

To celebrate this great news, we are offering special terms to Genesis Coin Crypto ATM operators that select CryptX as their operational Crypto Wallet and connect to us through our API: no wallet fees for the first two months, so you can save even more.

More crypto ATM integrations are on their way, and with our API you can quickly implement CryptX into any operational system.

Registering is fast and easy. Simply go to and create your account to get started.

Our support team is always ready to help with any questions. Just drop an e-mail to for a quickly reply from our experts.

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