CryptX: the fastest, easiest, and most secure operational crypto wallet

This innovative wallet solves multiple problems for many businesses that want to accept diverse cryptocurrencies in their daily operations, but need to manage liquidity in a highly volatile financial sphere. The most typical users are crypto ATM operators, gaming platforms, e-commerce sites, and regional exchanges. Essentially anyone who supports cryptocurrency payments in multiple coins will benefit from the simplicity, speed, and security of CryptX.

Managing diverse coins has never been easier — just create all your coin wallets in CryptX with a single click. CryptX also has the highest security possible, using Securosys Hardware Security Modules to store all private keys in Switzerland. Finally, its killer feature is the ability to execute swaps nearly instantly. Even more useful is the auto swap feature, which executes coin swaps according to preset limits, so that you’re never short in any coin and eliminating the need to manually monitor balances.

These are the basic features you can expect from the intuitive and simple web interface, but even more features are available through the CryptX public API. Integrate CryptX wallet into your business exactly as you need it in less than an hour, including limited token access profiles and custom reporting. A dedicated expert support team is available around the clock to assist with system integration at no extra cost.

Since rolling out our beta product in July 2019, Cryptomat, a leading Crypto ATM network in Europe, has been an early CryptX customer. They found that by using CryptX they could save as much as 75% on fees and move coins to their customers faster.

Our newest customer is GEX, the first crypto exchange in the Caucasus region. Having just launched its beta availability, GEX found that the liquidity management offered by CryptX was unmatched for processing high volume fast trades.

Disclosures: CryptX does not offer, sell, or trade securities. We do not provide legal, tax, investment, or other advice.

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