Chatting Crypto with Ethan Turer

I recently spoke with author Ethan Turer for his upcoming book, The Next Gold Rush: How Cryptocurrency Will Change Everything. Not surprisingly, we had a lot in common about how crypto will evolve and influence the global financial markets. As I see it, the main benefit that blockchain and crypto bring is from the stance of financial inclusion and mass adoption.

Ethan’s book, planned for release this August, sets out to introduce and explain the phenomena of cryptocurrencies and how people in all spheres will be affected by this nearly ubiquitous technology, beginning with the “crypto-curious” — anyone that has only heard about bitcoin and wonders what it is, moving on to the “crypto-conscious” — those who are familiar enough with it to know that it will be relevant to them, and finally the “crypto-capitalists” — for whom crypto is a long-term investment, not just a means for exchanging value. His educational approach to disseminating cryptocurrency information and making it accessible to everyone is one that resonates with us at CryptX, especially as we launch our next product geared toward individuals and group traders, CryptX Terminal.

Mass adoption is imminent, and it will happen within the next four to five years. Almost everyone will have a wallet address (and probably several). Ten years from now I think that blockchain technology will be everywhere. It clearly has lots of different applications, just judging by the variety of smart contracts that are being developed and by the interest major institutional investors are showing. Moreover, the projects undertaken by central banks to introduce their own digital currencies, many of which are focused on stimulating financial inclusion, will ultimately solidify the impact that cryptocurrencies have on society and truly change everything.

CEO, CryptX. Financial adviser & lecturer at universities in France & Georgia. Featured in “Forbes 30 under 30 Georgia.” Interested in blockchain tech.