API Updates and Open Source Integration: General Bytes & CryptX

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CryptX is now part of the General Bytes open-source code base.

The API is a powerful key to getting the most out of the CryptX operational wallet. The CryptX app’s UI is extremely simple and functional, but even more can be done with programmed API calls. This is how CryptX is able to achieve smooth integrations with crypto ATMs, for example. Using General Bytes’ open source code base, we have added CryptX’s wallet into the BATM software on GitHub. Now our General Bytes partners can review it and confidently select CryptX as their wallet of choice.

I spoke with our CTO, Irakli Khidesheli, about our current development focus: “We are continually expanding the API, which will allow for more integrations with our crypto ATM partners. As it is open source, everyone can follow this example and develop their own applications with CryptX, as well.”

Going forward, expect to see many more creative uses of the CryptX API to produce applications that quickly exchange cryptos with the lowest fees possible.

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