We are very proud to welcome our new partner, AgUnity, a social enterprise leader in using blockchain to support sustainable farming and rural communities.

AgUnity and the AgriUT Foundation are improving the wellbeing of smallholder farmers in developing nations by providing technological infrastructure and modern communications that prioritize security and…

In 2020, our crypto exchange service launched under the name Gex, which brought real-time trading to crypto-friendly Georgia on a highly liquid marketplace.

Now, as CryptX broadens its mission to make crypto easy, our exchange has evolved and launched into the global crypto arena as Cryptal.

The new name better reflects our CryptX family. This change also added a new feature for trading BTC with other cryptos directly. Cryptal now supports LINK as well, in addition to ETH, LTC, BCH, and USDT.

Many new features are planned, including more support for DeFi tokens, favorable deposit and withdrawal limits, no-fee credit card transactions, and more.

We are pleased to introduce our newest CryptX Wallet partner, ProHash.

ProHash operates Crypto ATMs throughout Romania. Their mission is to accelerate the adoption of Cryptocurrencies by offering people with less technical knowledge an easy way to get started into Crypto and by providing already experienced users with the best customer experience possible.

Yo Shin Kim, Founder & CEO of ProHash, had been in Crypto for some time, and realized that moving from the traditional financial system into crypto was more complicated than it should be. Unable to find a reliable quality service to meet their expectations, they decided to build it themselves.

When ProHash learned about CryptX Wallet, they found a wallet that would provide easy-to-use functions with support for multiple coins and features in one platform.

In addition to ATMs, ProHash also offers OTC and consulting services geared toward managing cryptocurrencies.

Based in Canada, Bitcoiniacs also has ATMs in the Philippines.

I’m very excited to introduce you to our latest partner — the world’s first crypto ATM network, Bitcoiniacs.

Launched in 2013 from a Vancouver, Canada coffee shop, Chief Evangelist Christopher Concepcion told me they were compelled by the cost savings we are able to offer, by employing algorithms that achieve…

The CryptX story began in 2017, as a startup company backed by Mission Gate venture capital firm. Initially operating as a crypto brokerage service, we pride ourselves on providing cryptocurrency platforms that are very secure and easy to use, with highly responsive customer support. Moreover, we make our tools feature-rich…

The question of Bitcoin’s rapid rise in value and whether it’s sustainable comes up frequently.

As I see it, one cannot link an asset’s potential price increases (indefinitely to the north) solely to the fact that its supply is limited. Price increases only happen when the demand for that asset…

George Gvazava

CEO, CryptX. Financial adviser & lecturer at universities in France & Georgia. Featured in “Forbes 30 under 30 Georgia.” Interested in blockchain tech.

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